Aged Out Wireless Clients Not seen in past:168 hours.

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I am receiving the message shown above and am curious what this is actually describing. Is this advising me that if a wireless client is not seen on the network for 168 hours (7 days) that it is removed? I am using host lists to determine if you should have access to the network at this time. We have noticed on occasion that devices that were believed to be added to the lists are no longer present and must be added back to the host list. If this age out is not the underlying issue does what I am describing sound familiar and can anyone offer a solution or explanation?
Netsight v7.0.6.26, Identifi v10.21.02

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It's a setting in XMC.....

Client Cleanup Interval:
Wireless client statistics stored by the data collector are periodically cleaned up according to this interval.
When the Collection Client Limit is reached, clients inactive longer than the time specified in the Time Between Collection Client Limit Events are aged out.

You'd set it here....

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Thanks. So would this be part of the reason I seem to be dropping devices from static host lists? It is very far a few in between but nevertheless does happen. Could this be some kind of memory leak or something of this nature?
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With "host list" you mean a end-system-group (=list of MACs) in Control?
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Yes exactly
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That shouldn't have something to do with this setting but there is one that could remove the client from the group "Remove Associated MAC Locks and Occurrences in Groups"

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Ok I am familiar with these, you only make that mistake once.

Not a real big deal was just wondering if others had been experiencing any similar issues. I strongly doubt this is version specific as I have been noticing this since first deployed.

Thanks again