Airmagnet Pattern Files for AP3805i

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did anyone already create the radiation pattern for the AP3805i Access-Points in Fluke Airmagnet?

I did and it seems to be not really working as my 5GHz Radio has a lot of more coverage
than the 2.4 GHz Radio

Any ideas on that?


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Hi Peter,

I do not have a radiation pattern created in Fluke Airmagnet, but this is the data sheet for the WS-AP3805i and has radiation patterns for both radios. (I'm assuming you likely have already seen this but did not see a reply to your post)

If there is a big discrepancy in the signal you're seeing, perhaps it is due to country or channel/config settings. If needed, we could open a case to investigate for you.

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Hi Jason, Already fixed that myself we had to adjust some parameters in the Airmagnet Settings - nevertheless pattern files would be great as other vendors patterns are delivered with Airmagnet for free and you save much time when you dont have to create them manually Peter