AP 2640 convert to Standalone

We have an "old" AP 2640 managed by an wireless controller. It has already the new firmware 9.x installed. Is there any chance to get it back to an older firmware-version to use it as standalone as before we had the controller?

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What about uploading an older version of the firmware to the controller and pushing it to the AP?
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On the controller you can do it. In the AP menu, where you have the option to release, there should be also option to make as standalone.
We have made an Upload from an oder Version to the controller (AP203-V1R3.10404.0). But when we tried to push it to the AP, there comes an error-message that it is not supported.
I had read in the enterasys-description of the controller that there should be this option. But in the new extreme-software of the controller there is no option for making as standalone.
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Rename the standalone file to AP200- (AP200_whatever_version) - that should trick the controller to think that this is a 2610/2620 file instead of a standalone software.