AP 3660 does not change to Non DFS channels

Hi, We have AP 3660 with ANT-21 external antennas. We can not select any Non-DFS channels in the drop-down list of channels in the AP Radio settings. And the AP is frequently changing its channel due to Radar interference. How can we change the AP's channels to Non-DFS channels?

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What code, mode (indoor/outdoor) and country do you have configured on the AP?
The code is 9.21.02, Mode is outdoor and country is Turkey.
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Thanks, let me investigate further...
Hi Doug,

Any news on this one?
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ANT-21 channels supported and certified for use in Turkey are.... 100,104, 108, 112, 116, 132,136, 140 (all DFS) no certification in Turkey outdoor mode for 36-161
So any different antenna models I can use on 3660 or should we change it to 3865e to use those channels?
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No sir, not in Turkey for either the 3660 or 3856e.
So there are no solutions I can think of other than using only 2.4 Ghz band if the AP is constantly changing its channel because of radar interference?