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AP 3805i Radio will not turn on

I have an issue with 2 AP 3805i that I purchased after my initial install project for my school district. The wireless controller says that it is using software and the new APs arrived with application versions in the 10s.

Both of these access points have been successfully added to the controller and they show green in the Access Approval list but where it should show the MAC address after the name it just shows 00:00:00:00:00:00. Also, when I look at the access points in the AP list they are both getting the appropriate DHCP addresses for our network and it says Status Approved in the AP Properties tab. When I look at the Radio 1 & 2 tabs is says Current Tx Power Level is Off and the BSS info says N/A for both of my VNS instead of a MAC address.

Can anyone assist me in the missing piece(s) of how to get the APs working on our network? Also, if I have to upgrade the controller to a newer software how would I go about doing that and will it cost anything to the district. This whole network was installed within the last 2 years (part 2 years ago and the rest 1 year ago).

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Regarding the upgrade... you'd need a service contract to download software but thanks to KRACK Extreme Networks offers a one time download to for the fix even if you don't have a contract........


Extreme Networks will be offering a free, one-time download for ExtremeWireless and ExtremeWireless WiNG customers that are without a paid maintenance contract.
This one-time download will provide access to an updated firmware release, but will not include additional warranty or support from Extreme Networks without a paid support contract.
The firmware will be available on currently supported access point and controller models only.
This one-time download will be available soon, and the link will be provided on this page when it becomes available.
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I would recommend upgrading to the latest v10.xx code, as long as you don't have any old AP's (2600 or 3600 series) - which it sounds like you do not. V10 has many enhancements.
Would that be what is causing the 2 APs from activating their radios?
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Mark Eby wrote:

Would that be what is causing the 2 APs from activating their radios?

The link that Craig provided lists the minimum software version per AP model.
If you don't have that version installed the AP will not / partly work.

Please provide the exact model / product number and the full serialnumber so we'd give you a accurate answer.

Also is the AP local or via a VPN connected to the controller.
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I also recommend you to use V10.xx on your Controller and AP.

V9.15 and early V9.21 have a lot of issues which are fixed now in latest 9.21.x oder 10.xx. That makes more sense than old 9.15.09
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Are you still having an issue? Please let us know if you are all set at this point.