AP 3805i (status LED)

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I have remotes 3805i APs and the status LED it's always blinking, the radio LED it's ok, bur I don't see deployed SSIDs.

Why can be the led blinking ?


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Is the AP up on the controller, check GUI > Reports > Active APs

Which controller version is loaded on the controller ?

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Take a look at the User Guide under LED status...


Flashing Green Indicates: • running a self test • loading software program
Solid is normal mode...

If all the LED's are blinking together it means you have it in identify mode...
Thanks, I had a problem with routes at the controller side so the AP was unable to register, and that was the blinked led.
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Thanks for following up.
i have the same problem. AP 3825i is running perfectly with the same configuration but AP 3805i does not. it shows connected to the controller but ssids are not broadcasted it shows not available in the radio 1 and radio 2 tabs with the wlan name written.
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Check your controller report (active AP) to see if the controller has the ap up and online. You should contact the GTAC if you get stuck, they will sort this out.