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AP 3935 turns off radios and in some cases reboots when WLAN service either added or removed

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We have a pair of C5210 EWCs running 10.31.04 with mostly 3935 APs and some 3825 APs. When we add a WLAN service to an AP the AP shuts down the radio for about a minute and a half. All clients are disassociated and have to re-associate when the AP turns the radio back on. In cases where we use load groups (which is the usual procedure) to activate a WLAN service on multiple APs at once this action causes some of the APs to re-boot. I can not pinpoint when this started but I am sure it is fairly recent (within the last 6 months) and that adding WLAN services never turned the radios off previously.

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Check the logs on the controller if you'd see any errors in case of such event.
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So it is not normal behavior for the AP to turn the radio off when adding or deleting a WLAN service?
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Only if it's from Cisco 🙂

No that should never happen - I'd only think about one situation to bring down the radio for 1,5min and that is if you change the channel on the 5GHz radio as it would need to scan for radar.

I think there is something wrong and I'd expect a error message in the controller log that show that there is a issue with the configuration of the AP..... something that looks like this...

Config Manager has experienced an error which has prevented it from properly processing a request. CM will continue running, however this error may be an indicator of a larger system problem. Error Details:AP[14461445085F0000] rejected configuration.