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AP Default Settings and Local/Foreign Inactive/Active Problems

  • 11 March 2019
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We are using two c5215 controller in failover mode. We sometimes have the problem, that some APs won't show additional information like graphs on their local ewc. Instead the informations are shown on the foreign controller. Also active / inactive doesn't seem to be correct. Some APs are shown as inactive although some clients are connected to it. Is there a way to force an update in the AP list?

Since we are using a round robin dns-entry for the controller-discovery on the APs, maybe this is not the correct way since the APs connect to the wrong controller after a reboot?

Another problem we have is the Default Configuration of the APs. We only use AP3935i. After the rollout we encountered some problems for which we changed the "Default Settings" of this particular model but even after a reboot the APs still have their old settings. Do these default settings only get applied when the ap connects for the first time? Are we able to push them to the APs in some way?

1 reply

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  • failover & active/inactive
In the AP list of the foreign controller select all foreign APs and in the left pull down select "release" =
the APs should switch to the local controller.
You'd only see AP stats on the controller that has a active tunnel to the AP.

Or just disable fastfailover = APs will only failover if... a) the controller is not reachable AND b) the foreign controller can't reach the active controller.
Downsite a AP failover could take some pings BUT how often do you think the active controller will fail.

  • AP default settings
The default config is only used the first time a AP is connecting to the controller.
Changing the default config after APs are already deployed doesn't work..... which makes sense as you'd overwrite possible manual changes e.g. static channel, ...
If you like you'd delete all the APs = they will connect the first time and rx the AP default config.... but I think that is a bad idea as you'd loose the manual config e.g. AP name,...

If you'd like to change settings of a bunch of APs => select the APs and select AP multi edit in the pull down menu.

Rule#1 in a new deployment.... configure the AP default settings before connecting any APs.