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AP Log Management

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I've a lot of questions about this functions - here a screenshot of my settings....

- times per day
Is there some RNG involved or when is that done

- destination / local
Could I see the collected logs in the GUI or how should I know that it works

- is there a trap/event generated in the log or in the audit UI

- is only the last one stored or will they fill up my HDD
the files are not that large but with 1000APs max on a controller and a collection frequeny of 6/day that will result in a lot of data after some time

- should I even enable that function if I don't have any issues in my network or what was the reason behind that feature

- why does the "copy AP logs" not allow me to just download the logs - it works for the techsupport and AP traces but here I'd need to tx it to a FTP/SCP server.

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Times/day - it will be every 4 hours, starting from when you enable it or reboot the controller. The local logs are in /var/controller/log/logs/apdbg and are overwritten every time, I don't think there's a GUI to view or download them. I have it enabled (and going to a remote destination, which keeps the old logs) as it's a great for troubleshooting when users say they had a problem a few hours ago.