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  • 19 May 2020
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A few months ago I installed two new AP3825i and it came with loaded. When I adopted it into my network it failed to upgrade to my controller version. I never worried about it, figured on the next controller upgrade it would fix itself- I was wrong.

I upgrade to tonight and these two AP3825i APs failed to upgrade. I have a bunch of other AP3825i that took the update without issue.

I’m not sure where to begin.


Wireless AP automatic software upgrade/downgrade has failed. May be a corrupted image was selected as a default. Please select another default image. This alarm will repeat while the system is in automatic mode: Wireless AP SN XXXXX-XXXXXXXX; failed image


77 sec in cycle 9: AccessPoint Rebooting due to: Software Image Upgrade Failed 

(the last one keeps repeating)

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Have a look at this.


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That’s quite fresh software. Looking for any clue in ap.log on the AP is a good idea here.


Hope that helps,