AP3605 randomly quits working.

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We have Enterasys 3605 APs deployed in our schools. One per classroom. And a C5210 controller. I have noticed that 2 of the APs will stop working and blink red and green. The APs will be down for a week or so, then randomly come back on the network and start working again. Does anyone know what would cause this?

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Hi Laura

Could you provide a bit more information such as firmware version etc.

There could be many causes for this issue you described, getting the firmware version and a tech support file across to GTAC for analysis is probably your best course of action.

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Also if you could, provide a little bit about the network layout. Are the AP's in their own vlan, are they tagged or untagged? Are the AP's finding the controller from a DHCP option, DNS "A" record, or statically set? Are the AP's DHCP or Static IP.