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Hi community,

after trying to upgrade an AP3825 to the latest code version, i see some error messages locally. Does anyone know what that entries means:

kernel: chantry_export.c:2123-madwifi_hook_all_radio_imp()-Warning! pDev=0 for radio 1

Thank you



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Any errors in the controller log - with latest you mean 10.31 ?
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currently i am trying to upgrade to code version, there are no logs about any errors in the controller log, just repeating the update process several times. The version on the AP is Because i didn't see anything on controller log, i connected to the ap and saw those messages, which doesn't look that great to me.
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10.21.01 is the first load of the 10.21 release - I'd recommend to use the latest 10.21 load instead.

Is the AP local or in a remote location connected via a VPN ?
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Hi Ronald,

because it is an customer ap and we have an own controller in the cloud, we have both tested. All other aps are working fine.
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Could it be that you've a MTU problem ?

reboot the AP and check the controller log - you should get the AP connection/authentication messages and the last message that you should see is "Blacklist successfully sent to Wireless AP XXX"

Only if you get this message the AP is fully connected - if that message isn't in the log you'd reduce the MTU in the AP settings.
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not in this case, because the ap is connected in an LAN at customer site and right now (only for test purpose) to an WAN connection. In both cases we see those "Blacklist..." messages. On WAN cases we always set the MTU to an working value
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Hi Craig,
already done 🙂
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Are you still having problems with this ap? Does it actually connect to the controller but fail to tftp it's upgrade file, or does it not even connect to the controller? Is this a remote ap connecting to one of your controllers on the internet, or is this ap connecting to the Extreme ezcloud?

Probably best bet at this point to open a ticket with gtac. Someone would be able to help you out 🙂
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Was this AP called into GTAC to be replaced? Can we close this issue here?