AP3865 dual connection to Summit X440-10G

We are installing some AP3865 and want to connect both LAN connections from the AP to an Extreme X440-10G switch. The instructions are not very clear and I have had mixed results getting this to work!

So far in the Extreme wireless controller i have gone into the settings for the AP and set it for LACP. I have then set up the following on the X440:

enable sharing 3 grouping 3-4 algorithm address-based L3_L4 lacp

Is this correct?

I have also read that you might have to disable PoE on the switch to the 2nd LAN port of the AP, is this correct? If so what is the command to disable PoE on the port?

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Hi Renne,
The command you've listed for setting up LACP is correct, provided that the L3_L4 algorithm is the one that you wish to use. I'm not sure what the AP will use by default - if it's working, you should be fine.

To disable PoE on a specific port:
disable inline-power