AP3865e - 20km distance

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Hello, all!

Can we have connection between 2 AP's 3865?
In documentation for antennas I found only about AP3660:

It's up to 30 km with sector antenna with 23 gain.

3865 have WS-AO-5D23009N and antennas - which is 23dBi and 9 deg.

Can we have a distance about = 20 km with 3865 AP's?
Is there antenna for 2,4 GHz?

Thank you!

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Yes the 3865e AP's do support wds bridging. In the same MCS2 rate 21.7 with WS-AO-5D23009N antennas and 25 foot long WS-CAB-L600C25N cables on each end on channels 149 or 153 we can achieve 13.37 miles or just over 21 km. I do not see any combination of antennas that can achieve that on 2.4 GHZ .

Does that answer your questions?
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Thank you!