AP3865e External SSID Problems

I have installed AP3865e External, i can see all the SSID-s on mobile phone and in some llaptops but in some llaptops i cannot see the SSID. I have and older Wireless AP3660 External on this AP works fine both mobile and all llaptops. Can anyone help me with this problem.

Here is my settings of my AP radio 1 and radio 2
Radio 1

Radio 1 Advanced Settings

Radio 2

Radio 2 Advanced Settings

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Hi Shkelqim

Thank you for the post.
Laptops that couldn't see the SSID, could you check if they are configured for G only or A only mode.

Is there a difference in wireless NIC driver among the working and non-working laptop.

Rajesh J
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I would guess the issue is with the wireless nic or drivers. Check if the behavior is the same if you change channels. Some clients does not support all frequencies (like DFS channels).
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I mean configure the 3865 to use the same channel as you have on 3660. And check that.
Pala, Zdenek wrote:

I mean configure the 3865 to use the same channel as you have on 3660. And check that.

This one worked, im just do more tests in diferent laptops thank you so much for your help.
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I would start with more conservative radio settings at first:

2.4 20mhz channel width and use 1,6,11 - channel 13 is not always supported by client.
5Ghz - avoid auto width, start with 20Mhz and work from there if you need more.

Disable AMSDU and LDPC on both radio

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Looks like your chosen channels can be a problem for some clients - on 5Ghz radio its "108" choosen which is DFS channel , and ch 13 is also not very good . Check this web link to see if the capability of particular wireless client :