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AP3912i - EWC dashboard & 802.1X support

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I took a while but now I've received a AP3912i to play around and I really like the option to connect LAN devices to the AP switch ports.

In my "test scenario" the AP connects my steam link and TV via ENet in my living room.

I can't wait for 802.1X support to allow dynamic role assignement on the ports - any idea about the release version/date.

There is one things that I'd like to see on the controller dashboard and that is the stations by protocol pie chart - that should also list 802.3 and not only the 802.11 protocols to give an overview on how many clients are connected via LAN.


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Hi Ronald, Thanks for the feedback. Will discuss the Dashboard enhancement with eng for consideration.

Per current plan we're targeting support of 802.1x on AP3912i wired ports for 10.41.04 (mid Q1 CY2018).
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Thanks Paulo,

maybe to enable/disable the 802.3 count in the view so we don't confuse customers that don't deploy APs with the LAN option... there is enough available space in the > Controller > Administration > Web Settings window 🙂