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AP3912i P3 as tagged port

Is it possible to connect a telephone to port P3 on a 3912i which tags the traffic with a VLAN ID?
A customer has an existing infrastructure where ip telephones are set to tag the traffic. We would like to replace the current devices with 3912i AP's and not touch the phone configuration.

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Sure you'd do that.... works great.

You'd use static config or (as I do it) use 802.1X for dynamic role/VLAN assignement.
I tried that but it didn't work. How should I configure that?
I created a topolgy brigded@ap with VLAN ID 921 tagged.
Then I created a wlan service and mapped it to port p3 on the AP.
On the switch where the AP is connected 921 is tagged as well.

However when I connect the phone it is not reachable.

Thanks for your help
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Troubleshooting 🙂

Check the switch MAC table = whether the MAC of the phone is connected to the right port and learned in VLAN#921 or in another one.

What version is running on the controller.
How is the role configured - does the client get the correct one - you'd check in the client report.
Authorized and unauthorized are the same and they allow everything. But I didn't check if it showed that in the report.
I will check this as soon as I have time.

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Check also if the 921 topology is set as the default topology in the WLAN services config.