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AP3935 and C25 Wireless Controller Compatibility

Are the new Wave2 AP3935 APs compatible with the older C25 controllers? I would assume they are compatible with recent firmware on the controller, but I'm not finding documentation that mentions whether they are or not.

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As long as it supports the newer versions of code that the 3935's support (controller code), then the APs should be supported.
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Yes, they are as long as you have the wireless controller running the latest 10.x firmware release.

For compatibility information please refer to the release notes of the Extreme wireless solution available at http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/release_notes/extremewireless/9035069-03_ExtremeWireless_v10.31.04.0009_RelNotes.pdf
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Yes they are. The controller release notes is where you find the answer. It will list the particular model AP's as supported AP's. If you don't see the AP listed you need to upgrade higher. If memory serves me correctly the V10 code is when they were added.
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Hi Rick

The release notes are the best place to look to show you hardware support for a given platform/AP:

ExtremeWireless Controller C25 AV-MV-
Wireless AP3935i-FCC -AP3935-

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Here the link to the release notes main page....


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4 answers within 5 minutes, well done guys 🙂
Thanks guys. That's exactly what I needed!