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APs in bridged/client mode

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to ExtremeNetworks so please excuse a maybe pretty easy question.

We need to put an AP to "client/bridge"-mode:
3 different SSIDs shall be put to 3 different VLANs on the LAN port(s) of the AP.

The AP has to have an external antenna connector.

The AP itself shall not transmit SSIDs, it should rather act as a client bridging SSIDs to VLANs.

Few components on the LAN side shall be "bridged" this way to the WLAN SSIDs.
The SSIDs are provided by various APs in the area. So no point-to-point bridge.

I hope I made the case clear.

Is this doable with ExtremeNetworks products? Which?

Best regards and thanx for your time guys

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Can you explain what your intent is in the terms "AP itself shall not transmit SSIDs" and "3 different SSIDs shall be put to 3 different VLANs on the LAN port(s)"? As far as I'm aware, the only way to carry traffic to a VLAN would require that the SSID be connected to said VLAN and as you noted, bridged to the LAN-side interface (a trunk) on the AP. If not broadcasting different VLAN's, how would you plan to otherwise accomplish this?

that's what i meant by "client mode". The AP shall not provide SSIDs for other clients. It shall only "grab" the WLAN connectivity and bridge it to VLANs on the LAN port(s) of the AP.

This way we are able to provide LAN connectivity for componentes without WLAN capability.
This shall be achieved for 3 VLAN segments. Each VLAN segment is provides on one SSID by surrounding APs.

I know there are SOHO products in the market by various vendors. these mostly grab one SSID and put this on the LAN interface or an included switch/hub. I want this but in are more professional way and maybe with multiple SSIDs (radios) and of course VLANs.

I hope it's clearer now?
Best regards
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So you essentially want to mesh the AP with each of three wireless networks, not participate in the servicing of end stations, but bridge those networks to the LAN? Unfortunately a little out of my experience... If that summary is correct, perhaps someone will be able to comment who has more experience with this scenario.
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Mesh is supported by ExtremeWireless (IdentiFi) on all current APs.

BUT ALL APs must be form the ExtremeWireless platform/product line = from the post I can't tell the vendor of the APs that are currently installed "The SSIDs are provided by various APs in the area. "

Link of the different AP models:


currently there are Meru/Fortinet APs in the area.

If we had a pure IdentiFi WLAN - could we mesh out 3 SSIDs/VLANs on any AP?
Would we need a radio for each SSID/VLAN or would one radio on one AP do
the job for all SSIDs/VLANs?

Eric: thanx for looking into it anyway 🙂

Best regards
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I would engage your local Extreme partner or Extreme sales team.
You could use our Extreme Wireless WiNG WLAN product line, which supports both Mesh/bridging and client bridge on some AP's (I'm not super familiar with Client Bridge).It sounds like you want to do Mesh.

You could also use the Extreme Wireless line to do Mesh as well, which would require (minimum) a controller, and at least one AP to act as the root AP and one to be the client/bridge.

With either solution (and any other vendor in general), you will want to have a single vendor provide your WLAN in that location. Roaming between different vendor AP's is generally going to be problematic.

Good Luck,
Thank you Ryan! Will do!