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APS showing as inactive

  • 10 July 2019
  • 4 replies

We have a bunch of 3935i APs that are showing up as inactive but all have IP addresses. They have all been updated to the latest firmware which is the same as our controller. We first encountered this issue when we first installed because the when we upgraded our firmware to the latest there was an in issue with fabric attach on our Avaya ERS4800 switches. We disabled fabric attach on al ports with access points plugged into but the only way we were able to fix the inactive access points was by manually factory reset with the reset button on device itself. So we just upgraded one of our switches firmware with access points connected to it but it seems that the upgrading firmware renables this fabric attach setting and I manually disabled again but now all access points that were once active are inactive but they still have up address. Is there anyway to get these active again without having to physically touch each one??.

4 replies

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Do the AP's have a valid IP on the Fabric Attach VLAN when it is enabled? Can they be contacted via ping or ssh?
I would first suggest checking if these AP's are possibly moved to a secondary controller and are up but on the "foreign" .

Assuming that is not the case, my thought is to try and disable the POE ports on the switch and re-enable to reboot the Access Points.

there is only one controller. I tried pinging the APS and SSH to no avail. In the controller under APS a valid IP is listed.

i already tried rebooting the access points by port and even rebooted the entire switch.
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Hello jdemo,

I am not sure what else to try that is causing the issue. If fabric attach was disabled and they were rebooted, did the AP's receive an IP on the correct VLAN they are configured for?

Guessing whatever IP is seen on the controller may be stale. If the only solution you have to recover an AP is to clear the config with the reset button, I would suggest to open a case with GTAC to investigate this further.

Thank you,
The only thing that has worked has been the reset button so i guess i gotta just continue standing on desks and ladders until i get them all back. thanks for the help.