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b@AP unable to see ssid

Hi i configured a WS3825i AP with a use of a C35 controller. I created a topology b@AP. i followede every steps in the gtac guide and also used VNS wizard more than once to do this policy in the AP. But everytime the AP is restarting to collect the policy created it didnt broadcast any SSID I created. I was planning to deploy this AP in a remote site where there is no wireless controller available. Could anyone of my seniors here help me with my concern? Thank you in advance.

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Not a lot to work with but let's try...

Is the following enabled in the AP advanced tab..
- Maintain client sessions in event of poll failure
- Restart service in the absence of controller

What kind of authentication is used for the WLAN service.

Even if there is no wirless controller at the remote site why not put the controller behind a firewall with port forwarding for the AP tunnel and connect the APs via the internet to the HQ if VPN isn't possible (the only thing not working in this setup is the AP software upgrade function).
Hi. Thank you for the quick response. The maintain client session is checked The restart service option is also checked I didn't put any authentication on the wlan service. For the connection of controller thru the internet, its not possible because the remote site has a different network from the main office.
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So it's working if the AP is connected to the controller ?

Not sure whether that is required but did the AP get a IP via DHCP or did you set it to static for the remote site/test ?

Please post a screenshot of the WLAN service - if possible all tabs so we'd take a closer look.
The ap is connected to the controller via a switch. Eventhough its connected to the controller its still not broadcasting any ssid. I havent placed any IP on the ap yet. Please see attached images, i hope this would help. Thank you.

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Just to make sure - does the AP show up in the > Reports > APs > active APs report ? (=active tunnel to the controller to sync the configuration)

Could you also please post the AP2 radio2 window.
The ap doesn't show up in the active list.

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You need to connect the AP back to the controller so we'd make sure that he receives the whole configuration and also check that the SSID is transmitted in that state.

If that is working we'd take a closer look why it doens't work if the AP is "standalone".
Is it ok to connect the ap directly to the controller thru a power injector?
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Do i need to put a stati IP on the AP? Please see image for network setup.

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Yes & no 🙂
If you enable DHCP service on the topology then no.
If you don't use DHCP on the controller then yes.

Static IP via AP console port..
cset dhcp disable
cset ipaddr x.x.x.x
cset ipmask x.x.x.x
cset authip 1 x.x.x.x (=controller IP address for registration)
Hi i configured the AP to have an IP address thru its CLI but it didnt adopt to the command so i placed a static on the AP thru the Controller GUI. And after placing the IP on the AP no changes have happen. The AP cant still broadcast a SSID. Please see attached image.

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In the AP availability report is the AP now green?

Did you create a VNS, I didn't see a screenshot for that?

sorry sir but already deleted the topology for that vns. If its possible could you send me a config guide on how to create a wireless network using a bridge at AP mode. Thank you.
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Hi Carlo -

From what I can see, going back to the picture of the AP you provided earlier, I only see the ethernet port LED on - not the power nor the radios, which may be just a momentary view of this Access Point. If no SSIDs are broadcasting, I'm guessing the AP is going through a reboot cycle trying to find the controller.

If you have an Extranet account, you should be able to download the configuration guide from the Wireless documents section.

After everything you have tried, I would suggest calling into our Wireless GTAC group for further assistance.

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Have you created a VNS and attached the WLAN to the VNS?
Thank you for all the responses. Yes i've attached the WLAN to the VNS. What do i initialy need to do to create a b@AP profile? Here is a diagram for your reference. This shows us that the AP needs to run independently in the remote site. So before they deploy it to remote sites we need to configure the APs using the c35 controller in the head office.