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Best settings for 3825i with medium density : what's the best with a lot of 5GHz clients

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Here are the settings we are using ... but are they the best recommandations based on extreme networks experience ?

Because we have somteimes problems some clients like Intel drivers ... or ...


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it's OK so far.

You could enable LDPC and enable in the protection mode CTS-RTS and look if you get any improvements.

Your min rate is high.
Maybe your clients loosing the AP because of inferences?
Did you try to lower them.

Disable if enabled in the QoS
Flexible Client access
Enable WMM
Disable U-APSD

Try to look for the last driver on your client.

There is more point where we have to look.

So I would suggest if those points doesn't help you need open a GTAC Case.

Are both radios affected?
Does it happen if you roamin?
Any AP Types affected?
Only on some VNS's or all?
On which Controller code?

Can you give more details about the problems?
What doesn't work during the issue in detail and does the communication come back without any intervention?

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I think everyone uses his own "default" settings from personal experience.

Mine are...

a/n/ac, 40MHz, ATPC off, all channels, min. basic rate 6, protection auto, disable all that fency stuff below protection mode

radio#2, g/n, MHz, ATPC off, channel customer (1-6-11), min. basic rate 6, g&n protection auto, disable all that fency stuff below protection mode

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I saw that you are using auto channel selection. One other thing you might check if you haven't is use some type of wifi scanner to check for co-channel interference depending how dense your AP deployment is.
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Reference: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/What-are-the-best-radio-settings-for-my-envir...