Blacklist synchronisation on wireless controller


I have a question according the client Blacklist on the wireless controller (in the GUI reachable via "AP->Mobile Stations->Whitelist/Blacklist".

Is this Blacklist synchronized between two controllers working as HA-pair?
What is to configure for synchronization?

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Stephan Harrer

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Hi Stephan,

I'm not 100% sure but I think the list is synchronized to the 2nd controller.

Synchronization is configured in..
> Controller > Administration > Availability > Synchronization Options
and also in
> VNS > Global > Sync Summary - here you'd also check whether the different services/roles/VNS.. are in sync.

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This is a new feature in 9.21.01 firmware, you can set it in the same location as before, I added this mac on EWC7 and it appeared on EWC8 (its availability partner.)


I created this article for reference:

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how many users can be blacklisted in this option. i mean what is the max limit for this option.
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The max is 768 entries for all platforms....

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Thanks for ur reply.

I would like to know, is it live users or max entries which we can make entry in the table.

In my case we need to add 2500 white-list users mac address in this table which would be white-listed and can be used in the network. Rest users should not get the access.

Jagadish Patil
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Nerd would hit the nail on the head 🙂

It's max. entries. So you can't add 2500 MACs.
What you could do is to blacklist/whitlist a whole OUI range i.e. E4:25:E7 = Apple.
That count as a sinble entry and you block/whitelist the whole list.

If that isn't possible in your scenario you'd need to do external MAC auth to a RADIUS with the database of the client MACs.