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C-25 Base controller capacity

Hi Guys,

I just need a confirmation.

I believe, C25 wireless controller comes with a base capacity of 16 APs and is upgradable to a total of 50 Access points.

I have a customer who requires 24 access points, so the controller based solution should be base controller, 8 additional licenses and 24 APs.

Correct me if I am wrong.


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Yes, the C25 includes 16AP licenses and you'd order 8x WS-APCAP-1 (SINGLE AP CAPACITY UPGRADE (C25, V2110)) to get to a total of 24 licenses.

If that is a new project/order it's better/cheaper to order a C35 controller.
The price is the same as a C25 but the C35 includes 50AP licenses already.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Is it a hardware controller? I couldn't find it in datasheet. Can you please attach the datasheet. Also, what will.be the difference between c35 and c25 apart from AP.capacity. Syed
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yes it's a hardware appliance.

Here the datasheet...

The C35 could support more AP, ports, users, .... as per the datasheet 🙂