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C25 Demo appliance : trial period : I’m trying to add a new regulatory key, but how can I do that ?

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We are using a C25 demo Appliance to be able to play and test features before adding them in production to our customers

I have a
question with the trial period : I’m trying to add a new regulatory key, but how can I do that ?

Because with the new key, the system won't use them and the period is decreasing ...

We would like to not reset the system ...


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Is that another evaluation key or a real license ?

You are not able/allowed to load another evaluation license on a controller running in evaluation mode.
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The regulatory key is new, but the demo key remains unchanged
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please post a screenshot of the dashboard (=main page of the GUI).

Try again to put in the new activation key (you need a real key not a trial/evaluation) in the EWC product key window in the activation key field and click OK - does it show a error message in the lower left corner in the GUI or what is the message that you get.
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Hi Pascal, it's been more than 9 days since the last update in the thread. Were you able to get this resolved?
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All radios are running but I have a lot of messages like "The evaluation license for Wireless Controller has expired. In-Service scanning is disabled. Please contact your customer representative and purchase licenses to continue using Wireless Controller. Otherwise, the legal requirement is to put the system out of service." I don't know if both radios will run when upgrading to the release 10.x ...