C25 re-install

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C25 not booting - stuck on loading, refuses SSH
Has been somewhat temperamental from the start and would like to reinstall the OS - but with no interface to start with .. how is it done ? and is it possible to go directly to the latest stable release ?

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Some more detailed information could be found in the "Maintenance Guide"

Connect to the console port on the C25 and check whether the C25 boot to the rescue mode.

Choose 1 for resuce mode - the C25 should boot with the factory installed image.

If you don't get to the rescue menu I think you'd need to RMA the unit.

Check the release note to see the min. SW to get to the current release of the WLAN controller.
i.e. min. version 08.32.01 to upgrade to 9.15
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Are you able to setup local console on the box?

Take a look at the following link for the console settings:

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Thanks chaps - first task in the morning is to try and get a console connection and try the above - thanks for the speedy options.
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Thanks to you both - connected on console after a few attempts and a few different cables, followed posted instructions for rescue recovery. Then took the opportunity to upgrade the software. All running fine - am monitoring for stability now.
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Good news Tim.
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ok - so the story has rather taken a turn for the worse, Looks like the reason that I was facing issues was that the disk was on the way out. I have a case raised .. but there are complications .. whilst waiting for those to be resolved I have purchased a replacement HDD of exactly the same spec. I don't get the recovery console any more - I am guessing this was on the HDD. Is there a procedure for recovering to a new HDD ?
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Recovery was on the HDD. Could use something like dd to try to make an image of one HDD to copy to the other, but at this point I'd probably go through the GTAC case to get a replacement 🙂
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Thanks - I read this after doing almost exactly that. I imaged the faulty drive ( bad sectors and all ). Then on the new disk upgraded to latest patch level and cleaned the filesystems - so far so good 🙂