C4110 EWC Update 8.32.10 to 9.15.06 failed

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i have 2x EWC WLAN Controller running as partners (mobility domain, cluster). Based on the recent release notes i update directly from V8.32.10 to V9.15.06. After update i applied the v9 license. The Controller are hardware servers 2x C4110-2 and we uses AP3620-1 with external antennas and AP3705-i. In the next weeks we want to use AP3805-i - this force us to do the update.

The update seems to be good except of 2 things:
+ no SSID on any AP (3620 / 3705) nor any radio (a or b/g) are going online (Status of BSS Info: N/A SSID-Name, No Channel) - see details on screenshot
+all Guest accounts are purged

Rebooting of the EWC and the AP (serveral times) are not solving the issue. Regarding other problems a reboot solve it normally. The Update of the APs Firmware seems to be smooth.

Because WLAN is completelly not running i have to revert to 8.32.10. After the revert to this stable version all SSIDs / APs are online like the months before and working without issue!

Does any one have the same problem and hopefully solve it yet? Should i maybe use some interim versions - like 8.32.10 to 8.32.15 to 9.12.x to 9.15.6? Any other hints to increase the chance that the next try would be successfull?

Unfortunately the running GTAC Case does not solve the problem or find the root cause till yet.

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I'll review your ticket. I have not seen any other reports of this type of failure but we will certainly investigate this and try to figure out what's going on with your system.

-Doug Hyde
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Based on a quick review of your configurations I can see that there was no VNS's configured...

The access points is showing the same as well...

Jun 1 07:02:26 cap: 00220:radman.c:773-rmProcessRadioReset()-RM(0) [44000 ms] - Radio Reset, stopping radio because of No VNS's

If you have a tech support file that you generated post upgrade we can review the upgrade status in the upgrade_process.log
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Are the APs remote (VPN/MPLS) or in the same building ?
I might be wrong but don't you need 9.12 first ? before you can go to 9.15
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The 9.15.06 release notes state: The minimum system software version is 08.32.01 to upgrade to this software version.
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If we have a tech support of your current 8.32 system, we can take the config from that, load it up on 2 c4110 controllers in the lab and do the upgrade, and see if we have the same problem or not.
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Thanks for the replies!
@Raffi: Configuration of this 2 controllers are attached to the current GTAC Ticket# 01126487!
It would ne very nice if you can try this in your lab.
@Doug: i think i have checked that all wlan services and vns are enabled, but i will double check it at next try!
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Hi Doug,
thanks for your advice - it seems after the upgrade the VNS definition are deleted. So at my next try to upgrade if will copy and past the complet VNS config into the controller back again (via CLI)? Correct?

Afterwards can we clarify why VNS and guest accounts are deleted after the upgrade ?
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Got your tech supports. Will try it in lab and update ticket.
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No problem. You can paste them into the CLI under vnsmode. It may be easier just to create the VNS's from the web GUI since the roles and WLAN-Services are all listed under the configuration you posted to the ticket, It's up to you.

After your upgrade grab a Tech Support on "LOGS" so we can review that upgrade log to see what might have happened during the upgrade process.
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Once the issue is resolved the resolution will be added to... https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/IdentiFi-appliance-upgrade-V8-32-10-to-V9-15-06-caused-configuration-loss
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Cause and resolution sections have been updated.
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I have on occasion lost config after an upgrade. Since I run V2110s I just revert to a previous snapshot. One thing I have noticed even with successful upgrades is the config seems not to be applied straight away - immediately after boot the console will show the default appliance name.
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Takes a moment to import the config after an upgrade.

For this issue, problem is with the passwords of some of the guest users. A quotation mark managed to be entered as part of some user's passwords, and this causes an issue during the import of the config.

Changed the passwords for the users with the " in it, then imported the config on 8.32.10, and the system upgrades fine to 9.15.06.