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C5210 Log message

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This is a major log message in my C5210 Wireless Controller. Has anyone seen this log message before in their controller? And what does it mean?

System has recovered from a possible loss of state synchronization with low-level session tables. Session tables have been re-synchronized and state re-established. If problem persists please contact technical support.

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What version of code are you running?

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Are the messages repeating over and over again, or are the seldom? I see those errors every so often, but not usually.
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This is the first time I have seen this message.
If it's the first time you have seen it and you aren't seeing it over and over, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Hi Laura,

this means..

The controller session tables were not fully purged after a controller fast failover event, the system needed multiple purges to re-synchronize the table. The log message will show up as an event, but the system would eventually synchronize and the MU sessions would be complete, no loss to controller or user functionality.

Maybe increase the fast failover time?!

So if the message happens very often I would upgrade the Controller to the newest code.


Umut Aydin