C5210 Wireless Controller SNMP v3 User Access

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Hi Community

I have a quick question regarding SNMP v3 Users on a wireless controller.

On the switches I can create SNMPv3 group with read or Write access and add users to the group, on the wireless controller I do not see where I can set restriction on a user.

I would like to create two users one with read only access and another with read write access.

Any idea?

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Hi Andre,

Try the below link for the controller SNMPv3 configuration and check if it helps,

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Hi Aliyakudi

Thank you for the link but this still only refers to creating SNMP v3 users.
I would like to create multiple SNMPv3 users, one with Read only access and another user with Read/Write Access.

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Just to close this one out, a feature request to allow RO snmpv3 access has been submitted and is under consideration.