Changes to VNS settings require devices to "Forget This Network" before they will connect to same network, same credentials - C5210

Seems that any changes to topology (i.e. to multicast filters) or associated VLAN tag cause clients to not be able to connect. Turning off WiFi and turning it back on doesn't help. Same SSID, same credentials, the only thing that seems to work is "Forget This Network" then re-add. Has anyone else seen this and maybe have a work-around?

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Have you tried to disassociate the client in the client per VNS report ?

With "connect" do you mean "connect to the SSID" or do you mean to get an IP from the new subnet bacause you've changed the VLAN = other subnet.
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I have noticed this when the AP's and VNS's belong to a site it will boot users off when any changes are made to any of the networks belonging to that site.

I haven't noticed the problem when the AP's are NOT members of a site.
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If this issue happen on different end-clients then I would open a case with GTAC.This need to be worked with Engineering if this behaviour is expected within the site config.
But from my feeling and sounding I wouldn't expect this because this would cause everywhere that the clients need to be re-enabled again.
Please open a case by GTAC