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Clinets connected via AP3705 to WS-C25 are losing sessions

users connected to wifi via AP3705i will have their sessions dropped after every 5 to 10 minutes. the SSID still remains intact and radio is connected but sessions like ping remote-assistance email will lose connectivity.. the firmware of C25 is 9.8.x which is very old, is this the cause of this problem ?

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Could you please check the software version again as there is no v9.8 for the controller.
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There have been fixes included in recent firmware versions that specifically address issues related to 3705i AP's. I would recommend upgrading to 10.11.06 or 10.22 version of code.
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if nothing was changed ( no config / no AP's replacement )
and I assume the amount of the Wireless Client increased during the last time.

And if you have a certain area where you can always reproduce this then I would start to tune the radio settings in order reach any improvement.

But like told before the FW Version is very old and an update is required because GTAC will not troubleshoot this on this code level.


Umut Aydin

I have upgraded the firmware from 9.12.x to 10.21.x so far no session loss has been reported. I hope this upgrading of code would address that issue for good.
After upgrading from 9.12 to 10.21 its asking for new key.. if I get a new domain ROW key will that work or it has to be a reactivation ?
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You'd need to have a valid service contract and then you'd request a v10 upgrade key....

Hi Ronald, thanks for a quick response. the contract may have expired (will take time to renew), what if I get a new domain ROW key will that help at the moment ?
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I'm not sure whether you'd use a new v10 license file.

If you mean a evaluation license then the answer is no - you can't load a avaluation license to a controller that has a "real" license already loaded.