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cm error after upgrade 9.15.06 to 9.1.07

  • 17 June 2015
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Could you please translate what the configuration item is for this error.

All my AP3715e and AP3805i show the same error/message in the controller log after the upgrade from 9.15.06 to 9.15.07.
I've used the controlled upgrade feature for the APs right after the controller upgrade.

Or was it because AP and controller were not running the same image during the short time before I've used controlled upgrade to bring it on the same level.


06/17/15 21:23:04 Major Config Manager
Config Manager has experienced an error which has prevented it from properly processing a request. CM will continue running, however this error may be an indicator of a larger system problem.
Error Details:AP[13240745085A0000] reported at least one configuration item to be invalid.
The erroneous encoded configuration item is: 000100210001000800000001004A000500004B000800000000004C0008FFFFFFA6000100210001000800000002004A000500004B000800000000004C0008FFFFFFA6

4 replies

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Take a look at....

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Took a look and like to open a CR to change the message to "hey stupid, update your AP code" as I don't want to see a "larger system problem" message on my controller log :-)

Thanks Doug

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On it!
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Product enhancement request has been opened....