Computers Need to Re-authenticate to Internal Plash Screen too Often

We have a different setup than usual.
The customer is running a Novell shop, running free radius, and users authenticate with an internal captive portal plash screen.

The issue is that after a user shuts down their computer they are disconnected from the wireless, in the morning they cannot log into their machine via Novell because they can't connect to the network to do so...(without hitting that splash page again), so then they have to login with a local windows account.

We tried to adjust the timeout settings on the wlan service to unlimited, but is there anywhere else you think I can check to solve this?

Or do you guys think it's something in the free radius config we should start looking at?

thanks in advanced!

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I would not suggest setting any timeout to unlimited. You can cause other issues by doing that. You should set the timer for a few days. I would check the status of the client session on the controller before a user logs in again. We will only remove the client if the idle timer is reached or you may be sending back a session timeout value from your RADIUS server that we will honor. I would contact GTAC so we can review your current configurations.