Concatenate two AP 3865e

Hi, Is it possible to concatenate two AP 3865e in a row as the following design

we would like to go from

    “LAN Switch” to “PoE Injector (60W)” “PoE Injector (60W)” to “first AP 3865e (LAN Port 1)” “first AP 3865e (LAN Port 2)” to “second AP 3865e (LAN Port 1)”
The distance between LAN-Switch Port to the first AP is less the 100 meters

and the distance between the first AP to the second AP are less then 100 meters

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Not supported - below the statement that I've rx from my post...

"Yes, the AP3865e sources power only from LAN#1 (POE Input). The second port (LAN#2/”Pwr Out”) is designed to eventually (not yet supported) be able to itself provide 802.3af (POE) power to some other chained device (example a security camera). Because of this design goal, the AP3865e does not support redundant power supplies, however, you can use the two ports for link aggregation."