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configuration of WS-AP3805i

  • 10 August 2018
  • 9 replies

hi we purchase an extreme WS-AP3805i, is new but we only have a manual of installation, I don't have any idea about how can I configure the new device, is an item new for me, what is the default IP? if someone knows how to configure since zero I really appreciate.

9 replies

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Hello Jairo, you need an Wireless Controller to manage your 3805l. The AP can't run standalone. Do you have an Controller?

I really appreciate your collaboration, I only have the device AP and the manual. the Wireless Controller where can I download or is come in the purchase?

or the wireless controller is the controller that contains my computer?

sorry but this is my first time with an item Extreme 😞

thanks, SH
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Sorry but who sold this to you ?!
I do not purchased the item I only received the device and it was a surprise for me because I don't know Extreme and I really feel worried by the configuration about the device.

thanks, SH
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You'd need a wireless controller to configure the AP.

I believed that I only needed to connect my device to the computer and configuring through the computer.

there isn't any other way of configuring? is only by the controller that you showed me in the link?

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Yes I'm sure, the AP3805i could only used together with a controller.
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Hello Jairo,

the AP is for Controller based only usage, as Roland and I wrote. So you have to buy an controller (as virtual machine or as hardware) or you can connect you access point to an cloud controller.
But for the virtual controller you need a chargeable license, too.

The Extreme Networks works together with sales and integration partner how sell this products.
Therefore the easiest way is to get in contact with the person how sold you the access point.

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Hello, Jairo!

As workaround you can ask your local Disti/Reseller to give you trial for virtual controller (V2110) and configure AP at Site mode - https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/What-is-ExtremeWireless-Sites-Mode/?q=Site+mo...

And then wait for purchasing new controller.

Thank you!