Configure cli Identifi C35

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I made config changes within the cli (SSH) on a Identifi C35 but looks like it doesn't takes.
Is there any command to "approve"/save the commands ?


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apply = save config
At the CLI, I have no "apply" command.
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It would depend on the section you are in...

Example: ?
Available commands are:
Admin Configure details for topology Admin
Bridged at AP untagged Configure details for topology Bridged at AP untagged
Physical 1 Configure details for topology Physical 1
apply Apply the command setting
create Create topology
delete Delete topology
end Return to the base mode
exit Return to the previous mode
internal-vlanid Set controller internal vlan management
logout Logout
multicast-support Set controller multicast support management
show Display settings
topology-group Configure Controller topology group settings
Thanks !
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No problem, glad to help.