Controller booting in shell prompt every time after reboot

We have identifi wireless controllers, one of the controller boots in shell prompt everytime after reboot, which is making the controller interfaces down causing disruption in traffic..... what could be the issue.....

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Take a look at the following to see if it applies....
Hi the post is not related to my issue..... Controller is booting, but will go into shell mode. The moment I take console to check the status I see my self in shell mode (shell>), once I type exit enter I see a screen with two options 1)boot controller 2rescue ..... It automatically selects 1st one and then it boots perfectly.....

I need to follow the same whenever controller reboots....until the controller boots the interfaces are not coming up.....
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Take a look at the "Recovering the Wireless Controller from File System Corruption" from the Wireless Maintenance guide -

If all else fails you should contact the GTAC.
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Reference -