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Controller VX 9000

  • 1 March 2019
  • 3 replies

I need help setting up the VX 9000 controller. We had the devices running on another network, but now we've changed the network and can not make the adoption on the controller.
I need an instruction manual.
I have 10 antennas 7522.

3 replies

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Firstly you might want to see the manuals repository for WiNG: https://www.extremenetworks.com/support/documentation/extremewireless-wing-software-5-9-3/
Please tell us more about the situation.
What is the difference between the networks? VLANs? Subnets?
Is it supposed to be L2 or L3 adoption?
What is the output of 'show adoption status' and 'show adoption pending' on the new controller? Do you even see the APs from your controller ('show mint links', 'show mint neighbors')?

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First of all thanks for the reply. I'm going to study the manuals.

I do not have much knowledge of the VX 9000 controller. A company has set the configuration for some time ago, but now I have had to change the networks and I can not configure it.

The old configuration had IP for the controller. The APs had an IP in the same range. We had 7 different VLANs. Now the controller has IP and the APs are in this range. As the controller was in another range now it shows the old offline APs, which makes sense because they are not with those IPs.
It raises the new APs, but I really do not know how to make the adoption.
The licenses are ok.

Without abusing goodwill, but if you can help I could release a remote access.

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First of all I apologize for late reply.
We could establish a remote session next week. What is your timezone?

Please show the output of 'show adoption status' and 'show adoption history'.
Your APs should get an IPs from your DHCP with DHCP option with new controller IP address (if it's Layer 3 based adoption, otherwise just intra-VLAN visibility is enough). Then, if there's an auto-provisioning policy, it should let the APs get adopted with some RF Domain and AP Profile. It will be easier to troubleshoot if we find the spot at which the whole process breaks.

Hope that helps,