Creating a toplogy for end users

I want end users to get ip address (from dhcp server) from the ssid i have created.

what all toplogies have to be created (planning for B@AP).

what tagging/untagging has to be done on
1) controller?
2) the switch port on which controller will be connecting?
3) on the switches to witch ap's get connected.

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Hi, would you please be so kind and not create different posts to the same issue.

Everything was discussed in your other one....

I don't want to be rude but I'd STRONGLY recommend to get someone onsite to support you.

It's not easy to design a network that big (from the information that you've provided so far) in a forum post without previous experience and a full unterstanding how the solution works.

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Have you taken a look at our "Wireless Getting Started Guide"? It should help point you in the right direction.
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I recommend the suggestions from Doug and Ron. The queries above are network level decisions and are not just controller configs. I would suggest make these design decisions with help of Partner.

For the above question : Assuming that VNS NonAuth topology traffic is B@AP, DHCP Server is in DMZ VLAN, Clients placed in Wireless VLAN, you can configure bootprelay in Extreme switches. Follow below link for more info :

Since you are planning for B@AP you need to tag client VLANs in EWC, but needed to switchport connected to AP. In controller you need to configure B@AP topologies that will be pushed to APs.