cset AP, controller looses antenna selection

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could someone try to see whether that is a general issue....

AP3825e running 10.31 (ROW)

If you cset the AP and the AP connects again to the controller the antenna selection is gone and I need to set the right antennas (and also set the radios to admin mode on) again.

In my opinion that shouldn't happen as the controller shouldn't loose that setting.

I've only tried it with a AP3825e but it could be that it's the same with other AP models with external antennas.


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That's the log message that I get after the reconnect of the AP....

06/14/17 16:12:26 Minor Config Manager Invalid configuration request for Wireless AP [14496737085F0000]. Changed parameters: channel list was changed.

06/14/17 16:12:26 Minor Config Manager Invalid configuration request for Wireless AP [14496737085F0000].
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That happened to us as well but not consistently. 2 APs we use on a temporary basis lost their "professional installation" antenna selection. They were fine once we put the settings back in. The next time we went to use them they did not lose the configuration so we chalked it up to a fluke.
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Hello Ronald,

It seems to link this script.

Access point radio Admin Mode shows off after an antenna model change

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I will discuss with engineering what the expected behavior is. I assume you are doing a cset factory?
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Yes sorry missed the factory 🙂
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Ron wrote:

Yes sorry missed the factory :-)

No problem, I just wanted to make sure we replicate it with your exact process.
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Here is how it works currently...

External antenna parameters are considered as static ap properties similar to static ip address and it gets reported back to a controller during discovery.

Cset factory removes the ap’s running configuration and the ap goes into discovery looking for a controller. The default external antenna setting is "no antenna" so this gets reported back to the controller accepting this ap.

The controller will have to reconfigure the external antenna settings again.
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Reference: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/Factory-resetting-an-access-point-from-C...
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Thanks Doug,

could you please be so kind and tell the guys that that makes no sense.

Is there a list of "static AP properties" so I know what other parameters in my centralized mgmt (=controller) are not permanent.
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Understood, I will see if we have a list Ron.