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Default idle timeout (for clients) of pre: 5 min , Post: 30 min and session: 0 min is suited for open wifi

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Are default client Timeout periods of 5,30,0 suitable for open wifi ? Because for open wifi there is no post timeout as user is not authenticating. So in that case is pre: 60 , post : 0 , session:0 suitable for open wifi. And what's the latest stable release for 3805i access points in 9.x and in 10.x

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Hi, yes they are suitable for a open WLAN service.

You'd find the latest release notes her...

As a rule of thumb - the latest version of a release path is the most stable one.
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In that case if we configure pre: 5 post:30 and session: 0 for open wifi

then as pre is 5 min, users keep disconnecting if there is no traffic passing for 5 min.

I think pre: 30 min , post: 0 session: 0 would be idle for open wifi as users will stay active and will disconnect if there is no active traffic passing for 30 minutes.

30 minutes of pre is far better compared to 5 minutes in case of open wifi.