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DHCP offer and discover on EWC V2110 - issue

Hi all, Odd thing, a client's V2110 has a large amount of DHCPDiscover and DHCPOffer requests from it's interface. I am aware of this GTAC: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/IdentiFi-wireless-controller-is-sending-DHCP-Inform-packets-and-the-interface-is-not-setup-for-DHCP But is this the same ? Please see the attached screenshot from the log entry. It seems very excessive .. any thoughts ?

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Do you have an interface configured on the V2110 as a DCHP server and do you know what device d4🇦🇪52🇪🇦22:9c is?
Hi Brendan, There is no interface configured as a DHCP server. This MAC is the closest to the interface on the controller itself. Let me explain: V2110 is a Hyper-V appliance. It is installed on a Clustered server. We tried to trace the MAC and do not see it anywhere. The closest we get (within 1 last octet) is the MAC of the controller's virtual NIC on the cluster. We checked all the MACs also, and could not see it on any server and virtual NIC. All we can see is that it is closely related to the same MAC, with 1 octet difference.
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Please post a screenshot of...
> Controller > Network > Routing Protocols > View Forwarding Table
> Controller > Network > L2 Ports

If the customer uses 2 Controllers in a pair I'd need it for both.
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I assume that wireless Clienst coming from csi1 making DHCP .
Do you use br@AP or DHCP relay for the Wireless Clients which is using local DHCP Server?
HI Ronald - I am onsite next week again and will endeavor to get the screenshots. Thank you for the reply. Umut - yes, br@AP - that is it. DHCP etc services are in VM environment.
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Hello Dewald,
Were you able to collect the screenshots or are you still having an issue? If you were able to resolve, can you let us know the solution?