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DHCP Option 43 -

  • 23 June 2016
  • 5 replies

Hi All,

Please suggest me online tool to convert for DHCP Option 43

5 replies

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if you mean for IP to HEX for DHCP option 43

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I was doing this in Windows Server 2013, and they actually accept Hex and Decimal. But if you are not on 2012 you have to convert it.
hi i don't have AD i want to configure it on firewall or cisco switch. is there any tool which is not vendor specific
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You need to look what format the device supports - there is no general format/command.
Some devices allow to configure the IP in the GUI and some require it in hex via CLI.
The vendor of that hardware is responsible for the implementation and not Extreme Networks.

i.e. here a example for a Fortigate Firewall...
The controller has IP 10..10.10.10 which is in hex 0A0A0A0A plus you need to add 00 in the front...

Spoke1 # show system dhcp serverconfig system dhcp server
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set default-gateway
set dns-service default
set interface "internal"
config ip-range
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set end-ip
set start-ip
set netmask
set option1 78 '000A0A0A0A'

To convert from decimal to hex I use my Windows build in Calculator.

Here another example for a Cisco ASA5505
# dhcpd option 43 ip interface inside
Yes mostly i use windows Calculator but for option 43 VCI i m not able to. is there any otherway to do it.