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Disassociate AP's from a bricked controller that is no longer available.

Controller not booting, AP's are keeping connection to a non existent controller alive. V2110 controller is no longer available. AP's need to forget old controller and join new one.

How do I get AP's to reset and search for new controller? Although I cant remember the functions name, We enabled a setting on controller that keeps AP connectins alive even after controller connection was lost.

Please Help!

Controller: v2110 virtual controller
AP: 3801i

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ssh to AP and type in cset factory
Thanks Jeremy, Did a network discovery using Advanced IP scanner and Found the AP's IP addresses.

Do you know what the default login credentials are?
Thanks, Found the details and reset. Working fine.

Sweet! Glad to hear you have it working! You can do a lot from ssh'ing to the APs 🙂.
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The settings do not start if the Controller is not available is..

[i]Under Ap properties- > Advanced Button - > Maintain client sessions in event of poll failure