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do extreme wireless controlleres supportfollowing features bonjour gateway, multicast mode, snooping .?

do extreme wireless controlleres support following features
1. Bonjour gateway
2. multicast mode
3. Igmp snooping
4. capwap
5. Application visibilty and control

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Please feel free to check the datasheet and documentation. 1 . We do solve Bonjour issue better way than the gateway does. More scalable and more efficient 2. We do support multicast transwers very well 3. Please describe the scenario = what you want to achhieve 4. Capwap is supported = CTPv0 = WASSP 5. Yes over 7000 applications, you can define your own fingerprints Regards Zdenek
Hi Pala Thnx for your valuable feedback I would also want to know following things too 1. Mobility of controllers and howmany controllers are there ina mobility domian 2. No of AP groups supported , and No. AP's pergroup 3.Sooping in muticast mode 4. Handover of clients and ap 5. Local authentication support ,if yes no. of enteriies it support Or if you can help me with a document with all such features available in it.
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the documentation is available 🙂

1. http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/wireless/UG/Wireless/User_Guide/c_mobility_overview.shtml = The Extreme Networks ExtremeWireless system allows up to 12 controllers on a network to discover each other and exchange information about a client session.

2. what AP groups are you reffering to? what you would like to achieve with APgroups?

3. http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/wireless/UG/Wireless/User_Guide/c_multicast_filtering.shtml

4. roaming is supported, included 802.11r = fast roaming

5. Please check the "sites configuration" = http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/wireless/UG/Wireless/User_Guide/c_vns_sites_overview.shtml


Hi Pala
Thnx for your valuable feedback

1. I donot get you on local ap authentication. Do controller have some database for authenticating AP's from predefined names.
2.do controller support external LDAP server
3. About groups i want toknow that is any thing there for controllers to group AP's if yes how many group controller support and no.of Ap in each group
4. In multicast mode do it support igmp snooping and mld snooping
5. Do controller support DHCP proxy and option 82 and mDNS