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Do I need to LAG ports on my switch for an AP3865?

I will be installing an AP3865 soon. Will I need to set a LAG or is it dynamic or does it send 2.4 GHz traffic out one NIC and 5 GHz out the other?

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The AP supports active/passive or dynamic LAG.

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I rhavilan,
why you don't consider to install 3965 model instead 3865? the limit for de 3865 ap is not the throughput, is the use of the channel by the clients. With MU-MIMO in wave 2 you can work with more users, quickly and I think that in 3 or 4 years a lot of devices will works with ac .
I don't know the difference of money from 3865 to 3965.
Is a idea...
I'm installing the 3865 because it is in hand.
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please look in to this KB as well.
Maybe it would be helpful.