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Does the AP3915 come with a basic ceiling mounting bracket?

I see the WS-MBI-DCMTR01 is the part number for the AP3915 but it looks like it's a special bracket. Does the AP3915 come with a basic ceiling mount?

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Hi Brian,

the AP doesn't include any kind of mounting bracket.

Here the wall mount option...

I assume that the ceiling option is the one that is on page#13-15 - the install guide doesn't mention the order number - I hope that is getting fixed in the future...


WOw, this looks to be one of the only Extreme AP's that does not come with a Ceiling mount. They need to clarify this one would think. I guess it's my fault, it didn't list a mount, I just assumed it was like most of the other AP's.

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I've also missed to order them the first time 😉

Here antoher post about the topic...
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Now, with the new hardware revisions, a metal bracket is included. Details to the revisions you will find here: https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/trolling-hard

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