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Dual wireless controllers but can only create one DHCP server on the topology of one controller.

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Have a scenario where I've created a Guest wireless that bridges out of the second Ethernet interface on a resilient pair of identfi wireless controllers. I am therefore using the internal DHCP server on the topology configuration to issue out IP addresses to the client.

The issue I have is that I can only create the DHCP server settings on one or the other controllers, so it seems my resiliency would be broken should the controller fail that has the DHCP server configuration.... or maybe not?

Is using an external DHCP server the only option, or is there something else that could be done?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Martin,

remove the sync checkmark on the topology and configure them separate.

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Yes, both controllers in High Availability for a specific topology can have DHCP configured.
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Hope this KB Article might help you...

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Arr, right, thanks guys - obvious when you know how (apologises for not seeing the GTAC article) 🙂

The link answers my next question in that I was thinking I would then need all my APs to be homed to the primary controller so I don't get duplicate IP addresses (which probably wouldn't have worked as I think both DHCP servers would answer).... but as the article depicts, I just split the scope instead.

Much appreciated
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Either way, I believe that the client's are only going to process the first DHCP offer irrespective of the Controller which offers it.