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Elastic v2110 simultaneous users question/quandry

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I am curious about the new 'Elastic' V2110 Wireless Controller and the total number of simultaneous users.

According to an older Data Sheet for the wireless controllers, the V2110 supported 250/500 APs Stand-Alone/Paired, and 4096/8192 users Stand-Alone/Paired. The V2110 required 2G RAM/4 vCPUs.

The new 'Elastic' V2110 Medium Size supports 250/500 APs Stand-Alone/Paired, and 2048/4096 users Stand-Alone/Paired - requiring 2G RAM/4 vCPUs.

As far as I can tell, the new Medium V2110 has the same specs as the older V2110, but only supports 1/2 the number of users.

If you double the RAM and vCPUs, the V2110 becomes the Large version supporting 525/1050 APs Stand-Alone/Paired, and 4096/8192 users Stand-Alone/Paired.

We went from supporting 16 users/AP (when maxed out on APs), to only supporting 7 users/AP (when maxed out on APs in Large mode), while doubling the required RAM and vCPUs.

I find this counter-intuitive and am curious if the user limit will be re-visited in future firmware to increase the limit.

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Apologies, for the delayed response. There was an error previously in the datasheets; historically we've supported 2x the capacity of users per controller but as the AP capacity grew, we missed that the user capacity stayed the same as before. We corrected the datasheets and we are currently testing the C5210 to twice of its current capacity with a target release before the end of this year. We will then revisit the max user capacities on each of the virtual platforms and once we have validated the new capacities we will update the datasheets - estimating fist half next year. FYI, we discovered this internally and not due to reaching the max capacity in any field deployments.