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End to end network health check

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I think it would be a great troubleshooting help to have a way to test the various links between Identifi infrastucture equipment. It would be interesting if we could run iPerf between an AP & Controller, Controller and a Cloud iPerf server and even controller to controller over a WAN link. In addition it could also use the bricks App to test each of those hops from a client perspective. This would provide actual client throughput validation and testing. This would help not only customers but GTAC as well in troubleshooting.

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I've done testing on a 3705 enterasys AP. Enabled short guard interval and 5ghz on 1 radio, limited rated to 2MB. And was about to get about 20 clients before the radio was saturated.
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Hi Jon, your feedback is always appreciated. I will work with the product teams to see what the roadmap looks like for this item. Thank you!